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Clicks in Bricks strongly believes that online purchasing in an actual shop will start to play an essential role in the cross channel/multi channel strategy of retailers. Clicks in Bricks is the first party that offers all the elements (all the hardware, software as well as maintenance & updates needed) from one organization.

The total concept for online to actual shop.

Company profile of Clicks in Bricks

Clicks in Bricks is an initiative from the founders of the successful company Qweery, the search- and navigation specialist which is growing fastest in Europe. She provides services to over 300 webshops in 21 countries.

The founders of Qweery do not only have a lot of experience with developing software for among other things mobile webshops, but also more than 19 years of experience with and knowledge of retail, assemblage, fulfilment and logistics. The basis to take away your worries with regard to all the organizational hassle with regard to setting up and managing an online shop in the actual shop.


Nowadays a consumer wants to determine himself what he will buy where, how and when. Therefore, it should not matter via which actual channel the consumer may find and buy the product, whether it is via an actual shop, a desk- or laptop, a smartphone or tablet.

Because the consumer has all these channels at his disposal, he will familiarize himself online more and more, where he has the choice between a wide range of (brand)products. In the shop this extensive choice is not (always) possible due to the expensive square metres and the storage risk. If a product is not for sale in the shop, more and more customers will order it online. Making the entire collection available in the actual shop via online techniques will become a must so that one will not have to say no and in order to reduce the storage risk. With these online techniques an actual shop may also create a shop inside a shop, which will expand and improve its range of products, for example because of a closer cooperation with manufacturers and other suppliers.


Increasing the turnover and reducing costs by simplifying the provision of a complete range of products, reducing the storage risk and excluding saying no from the actual shop.

We will make this possible by offering interactive kiosks in the actual shop, by setting up a software link with your central storage facility and/or by linking your stock in the different branches with your cash desks and/or ERP system. We will also do this by facilitating a shop in a shop which will allow you to offer the (entire) range of products from manufacturers/brands and/or other suppliers. We will present our software in various kiosk models (floor, cash desks, wall), which will draw attention because of their stylish and eye-catching designs. The userfriendliness will be increased by the integration in the kiosks of a pin terminal, lablescanner and/or customer card reader.

Offering this ideal integration of online and offline services should be achieved with a minimum of effort from the shopkeeper. Taking away the worries from the shopkeeper, a minimum of operational administation as far as implementation and maintenance are concerned and preventing high financial investments play an important role here.

Clicks in Bricks will cooperate with several suppliers on the basis of a certification process to enable us to operate independently. This will enable us to keep on offering innovation to our customers with a highly qualified end product.